Experience & Passion

The founders of APIA are Board Chairman, Mehmet Naci Topsakal who is one of the leading businessman in Turkey since 1962. Apia, develops and manufactures a complete line of superior, advanced technology loudspeaker products for the professional touring and installation market. Designed and constructed to exacting specifications, every stage of loudspeakers is produced entirely in-house. This meticulous craftsmanship and attention to details, shows how seriously we believe in our ideas. Apia’s continuous pursuit of sonic excellence has led to a number of important patents, being published, in key loudspeaker technologies which have set new standards throughout the world. Apia’s continued success in bringing significant cutting edge technology to the end-user has equated the Apia brand name around the world with excellence and distinction. Apia’s audio products are easily integrated for a variety of social activities. All the Apia’s speaker series are designed following the results of research and development for every day use. Apia’s speakers are properly designed for outdoor events, theaters, cinemas, cafe, pub, DJ set, congress and civic centers. Places where different social activities are done.

Apia Pro Audio integrates the highest standards of electrical, mechanical and acoustic sciences in all their designs. Mechanical parts, designed by our expert engineers are developed by our research and development department through various simulation programs and environments.
All integrated materials dkp sheet, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber and polyethylene, have been selected by considering such fundamentals as resistance, ergonomics and resonance. At Apia, security is fundamental. After rigorous statistical and physical testing, heat treatment is applied on mounting and rigging supports to establish the highest level of security for the consumer.
By taking these factors into consideration, production is carried out by our informed operators in our high tech machine park. Apia’s quality control uses accredited laboratories for all mechanical system testing. The Apia brand guarantees that its products will be durable and accurate and will serve the end user for many long years.


THE APIA’S FACTORY: 3772 sqm of closed area 2744 sqm of open area. Metal laser Cutting, Wood, Varnishing and Quality Control departments are our production areas where specialists develop and assemble our products by following standar Safety on performing electronic and physical for to establish the highest level of security for the consumer.


APIA’s R&D department is where the rubber meets the road. A good idea is just that without a great group of people to realize it. Utilizing the best personnel in amplifier and speaker development, APIA has created a team of informed and experienced individuals that know how to make real what has been envisioned in a logical and stream line format.


Through our customer service you can have specific support for servicing, software control network and warranty.The Apia brand guarantees that its products will be du- rable and accurate and will serve the end user for many long years.