Apia @ “Meeting of Human Rights in the Digital Era”
December 13, 2016

Apia @ “Meeting of Human Rights in the Digital Era”

The Apia ‘set up’ @ Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, December 13, 2016.

Apia was proud to be included for the 20th edition of ‘The Meeting of Human Rights in the Digital Era’, by supplying the Apia Pro Audio system as main PA and stage monitors. The event was divided into two different stages: one 20×8 meters, which was connected through a gangway to the second center stage of 8×8 meters. For full coverage of the large forum area there were flown 6 clusters; 4 with six modules of the ARYO system and three modules of MIO in down fill configuration.  The other 2 clusters were flown up in the rear of the stage with three MIO systems in each cluster for the back bleachers. To complete the set-up 12 RS-Sub double 18″ subwoofers were aligned and delayed as virtual arc.  All the systems were amplified from 15 QDX-13 amplifiers. On stage the AXI self powered series was utilized; 10 AXI-L monitors dedicated to the live bands, 12 AXI-M and 12 AXI-In as front fill for presenters and guests. Tuning and alignments was done using the APNET software network.


“I enjoyed this systems a lot. The sound is round and precise.  It has excellent dynamics.  The 110 ° opening is remarkably efficient which allowed me to optimally cover the venue. The military type construction and the attractive design make APIA products really interesting.”

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