APIA’s installation in Switzerland
December 15, 2016

APIA’s installation in Switzerland

Village du soir is the first installation in Switzerland completed with Apia products. The project was overseen by Radio Materiel, Apia’s exclusive Swiss distributor and was installed by Switch Vibration. Village du soir is a combination of rehabilitated industrial spaces and transformed into a trend village dedicated to entertainment and contemporany music which is situated close the stadium ‘La Praille’ in Geneva. The decision to opt for Apia’s AXI series came from a need for clean aesthetics combined with a powerfull and clear sound. Village du soir has three main areas, L’Epicerie – La Carrosserie – La Distillerie, on two floors. The main floor (La Carrosserie – 288 sqm) there is a stage and concert hall for live music and a dancefloor. Here the installation consisted of 16 AXI-S selfpowered systems mounted on flown truss and 4 AXI-Sub selfpowered subwoofer systems in cardio configuration mode. On the second floor (La Distillerie – 207 sqm) the installation consisted of 5 AXI-S systems and 1 AXI-Sub. Radio Material commented, “the AXI-S systems, with it’s accessories, were very easy to install and the coverage sound was perfect, just as we programmed it to be with the EASE FOCUS in pre-instalation”.  APNET , Apia’s network manager software, was used for all tuning and sound dynamics for the systems used.

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