•  Modular touring rack for QDS-13
•  Hosts 3x QDS-13 for maximum drive flexibility and power
•  Engineered 9U frame allows flying and rigging
•  Compatible with legacy cabling standards
•  Rigging optional accessories
•  Fir-green RAL 6009® Polyurea coating

At the heart of the APIA PRO AUDIO® integrated system approach, the QDS13 amplified controller offer cutting edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network control, and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package. Based on similar platforms, the exceptional and ground-breaking performance level delivered by the QDS13 unit allow full optimization of the resources of all APIA PRO AUDIO® systems and deliver outstanding audio quality combined with the best possible transducer protection. The QDS13 share the following characteristics:
A 3U lightweight format for high amplified density.
A four-channel high efficiency amplifier section fed by four inputs.
An on-board preset library to cover all the principal APIA PRO AUDIO® loudspeaker system configurations. An intuitive and ergonomic user interface, fully accessible from the front panel for standalone operation. Two I/O Ethernet ports for networking up to 253 QDS13 unit, remote-monitored by APNET NETWORK MANAGER software (Windows® compatible).

Controls and indicators
POWER Mains power switch
SCROLL/EDIT Digital rotary encoder
Display 2×24 character LCD display with blue LED backlight
Digitial Signal Processing
Latency analog and digital inputs 0.3 msec.
Delay setting 0.3 – 10000 msec.
Configurations current APIA loudspeakers
Frequency generator Pink noise
Sampling rate 96 kHz/24 Bit ADC/24 Bit DAC
INPUT ANALOG (IN1 – IN4) 3 pin XLR female
ANALOG LINK (OUT1 – OUT4) 3 pin XLR male
INPUT DIGITAL (D1/2) 3 pin XLR female AES 3
DIGITAL LINK (Output) 3 pin XLR male
Sampling Digital AES/EBU 48 kHz/96 kHz
OUT Channel 1/2/3/4 NL4
USB USB type B connector
ETHERNET RJ45 for Ethernet connection (10/100 TCP-IP)
Data (linear setting with subsonic filter)
Maximum output power per channel (THD + N < 0.5 %, all channels driven)
CF = 6 dB at 8 ohms 4 x 1300 W
CF = 6 dB at 4 ohms 4 x 2100 W
CF = 6 dB at 2 ohms 4 x 2500 W
S/N ratio (unweighted, RMS)
Analog input > 110 dBr
Digital input > 114 dBr
Power supply
Rated mains voltage
High range 208 to 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Low range 100 to 127 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Dimensions, weight
Height x width x depth 134 x 483 x 477 mm
5.2 x 19 x 18.7
Weight 19 kg
41 Ib

Accessories for AC-RACK:

•  AC-PLA (Dolly AC-RACK)