Long Throw

•  2-way Line array loudspeaker ( 2 x 12″ driver with neodymium magnet / 2 x 3″   neodymium compression driver)
•  full-range element, operating from 47 Hz to 19 kHz
•  Nominal dispersion angle (H) 110°
•  LF extension elements with RS SUB, operating down to 27 Hz
•  Rigging optional accessories
•  QDX-13 Control and protection
•  Fir-green RAL 6009® Polyuria coating or RAL code on special order

APIA PRO AUDIO created the ARYO System with aesthetics, ergonomics and performance as fundamental criteria in the design. The ARYO speaker system is compact and easy to use with an impressive SPL level of 143db. Because of its light weight, dimension and easy installation, ARYO will aid the work of sound engineer and architect alike. The ARYO cabinet has a horizontal coverage of 110° and a variable tilt mechanism for vertical coverage from 0° to 10°.   Also included in the design is a 2×12”cone driver and a 2×3” exit neodymium compression driver. With QDX-13 amplifier series the ARYO gives an excellent performance for its size. The ARYO Line array System is supported by RS Sub and also works in accordance with NUA and MIO series. With a design inspired from the preferred stadium systems, ARYO delivers the highest performance level for the rental market.

ARYO delivers a considerable number of improvements over the previous generation of line sources, particularly with regard to directivity control in the horizontal plane, transducer resources for increased operating bandwidth and coherence, vertical coverage capability and extensive choice of operation modes to accommodate various low frequency contour requirements. With a fixed horizontal directivity of 110° and vertical variations from 0 ̊ to 10° (increments of 0,2,3,4,5,7.5,10), ARYO is fully configurable to match any audience geometry. ARYO delivers clarity, precision, and a unique proximity effect offering the audience an incomparable listening experience.

ARYO can be deployed as a solution for delays and fills, down fill extension for stadium and arena concert applications or as a FOH system due to its full compatibility with the RS SUB. All applications can be achieved with an extremely quick set-up.

System data


Frequency response (-5 dB standard) 47 Hz – 19 kHz
Max. sound pressure (1m, free field) with QDX-13 144 dB SPL
Cabinets per QDX-13 4

Loudspeaker data
Nominal impedance (Lf-Hf) 8-8 ohms
Power handling capacity LF (RMS) 1400/5600W
Power handling capacity HF (RMS) 210/840W
Nominal dispersion angle ( H) 110°
Splay angle settings 0 – 7,5° (1,2,3,4,5,7.5° increment)
Components 2 x 12″ driver with neodymium magnet
2 x 3″ exit voice coil neodymium compression driver/QDX-13 bi-amp network
 2 x NL4 or
Finish Fir-green RAL 6009® Polyurea coating
Cabinet Baltic birch plywood
Protection Rating: IP 55

Dimensions, weight
Dimensions (H x W x D) 363 x 830 x 587 mm
 14.2 x 32.6 x 23.1”
Weight 57 kg
125 lb
SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4

Accessories for ARYO :


•  MIO PLA (Dolly x ARYO)

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