APNET Network Manager

•  Real time sound design control for all Apia hardware
•  Creatable DSP presets for all Apia devices
•  Variable control including EQ, DYN and TIME ALIGNMENT
•  Real time Amp Status, Temp, Metering and Amp Protection


In partnership with DFM, Apia has created software to fully control and modify the internal DSP (40 bit float/192 KHz) of all Apias’ powered speakers and the QDX-13 amplifiers. This comprehensive software has 3 levels of EQ +/- 15 dB (‘input/output’ 10 band and ‘group’ 7 band) including gain, FIR filters, delays, Xcrossover, limiting/compression and mute for adjusting the overall sound reproduction and for speaker protection.

The Apnet software also has the complete preset library of all Apias’ products which on-line or off-line system setup and tuning is possible for real-time management and monitoring of all vital functions from a remote PC via a single intuitive graphical user interface. The brand new Access Manager feature allows the Administrator to lock the system in order to prevent others tampering with the settings, while still allowing a user to monitor the system.

Apnet software can be used with desktop/laptop PC. All wiring is standard Cat-5, all network architecture and equipment is standard Ethernet. Of course, wireless networking can be utilized, as well.

Downloads / Support
User Manual

Here you can find the Apia's user manual containing all the electronic and physical information about the APNET Software


Download APNET Network Software.

APNET Preset

This zipped Package includes the APNET Network Preset.

Others Downloads

Go to document pages where you can download APNET Network Firmware and GLL Pack.